So, with recent Woocommerce updates, there was a change that removed or hides the Variations for products IF they are the same value.

For instance, If you have a Sushi platter that has (3) different types of Sushi, and want your customer to choose that type or variable, and they end up having the same cost of $5.50 USD than when choosing this variation in the select dropdown, your price disappears currently.

How to fix:

Open your themes functions.php file OR (recommended) your child themes functions.php file and insert the below snippet into the function file at the very end or somewhere you are not interrupting another function.

//Always show WooCommerce variation prices even for same variations amounts
function foodpress_always_show_variation_prices($show, $parent, $variation) {
return true;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_show_variation_price', 'foodpress_always_show_variation_prices', 99, 3);

The reason we want you to place this into your theme functions and not our plugin, is because we want this to be optional and we don't want to technically override WooCommerce functions and how they want your store to operate (even if it doesn't make sense to UX, silly WC)

Save and Viola! Now your variations will show even for those pesky same-cost variations.